Focusing on Money Could Hurt Your Bottom Line

Yesterday, my son began working on a project about “Family Life”.  The first thing he had to do was define what a family is.  Most of the information he found described people of the same bloodline and people living under the same roof.  This got me thinking about my family and not just those people that are related to me.

I consider my family way more than just those people that I am related to or that live with me.  My family has become a large network of people that love and support each other.  I like to think of my family as a large patchwork quilt.  The scraps of material all come from different places, but when stitched together with love it becomes a beautiful masterpiece.

My immediate family as well as my extended family consists of half, step, and adopted people.  To me, they are just family.  My husband came from a similar background and when we both joined the military we got another “family”.  Oftentimes you will hear military members refer to their “military family”.  It’s not just a term to define the people we are talking about; these people are REALLY part of our family.  These are the people that we get to chose as family and sometimes we are closer to them more so than our blood relatives.   Tim and I have quite a few of these “military families” that celebrate the joys in our lives as well as cry with us and pray with us when things are not going so well.  These are the people that give you the strength to get through the deployments and the roller coaster ride that is military life.  These are the people that I would do anything for and I know they would do the same for me.  This experience taught me to look at people through a different lens and to let them into my life in a very personal way.

When I am talking to people about Excerebus CPA Firm, I look at them as potential family members.  Talking to someone about your finances is a very personal matter and there must be a great deal of trust involved in this type of relationship.  This level of comfort can only be developed if someone really cares about you and your family.  I have been involved with hundreds of families over the years as I participated in the military’s Family Readiness Groups and I can honestly say that I have cared deeply for those people, many of whom I keep in contact with today.  The real joy comes later, when they have reached a milestone in their lives and you know that you helped them get to that point.

Recently, I read an article in “Entrepreneur” magazine, “The 4 Forces That Drive Family Business Success”, by Andrew Keyt.  Point number 2 was “It’s More Than Just Money” and discussed how setting values for your business is a must.  This will provide purpose and allow for creativity of new ideas.  There is a principle in accounting called the Triple Bottom Line. The Triple Bottom Line refers to how a business should have three goals; be financially successful, manage environmental impact, and have a positive social impact. Many businesses have adopted this model as it has been proven to be one of the most efficient ways to run a business. Money is important, but this one point really hit home for me.  My goal with Excerebus CPA Firm is to create a family, in an environment, where people feel safe talking about money and I can help them make better financial decisions.  I have chosen to work with small service businesses because I can directly help families prosper and reach their personal goals.

My family consists of the people in my life that I love and care about, to include my Excerebus family because it really is more than just money!


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