Weddings…Wonderful, Joyous Occasions That Can Quickly Turn into a Disaster!

Recently, my oldest son got married to a lovely young lady.  The wedding was scheduled to be outdoors with a rustic theme, representing the beautiful country Texas atmosphere.  If you have ever been to Texas in October, you understand it is still hot during this time of year.  The day of the rehearsal was a beautiful 80 degrees with a light breeze, perfect weather for any outdoor event.  Then the day of the wedding arrived…and so did the FREEZING weather!  The temperature had dropped to a balmy 50 degrees with high winds.

The wedding and reception were supposed to be outside, but now we needed a plan B.  More importantly, we needed a leader to establish and implement plan B and quick!  The mother of the bride took charge and executed all the leadership points that are necessary to carry out an objective.

A leadership guru once told me that there are three main jobs of a leader.  The first is to provide a purpose, the second is to build a team and the third is to manage the resources available.

Our leader, MOB (Mother of the Bride), was clear on her purpose, to figure out how to pull off a dinner and reception in the small building that was available.  The DJ and dancing would now have to be incorporated into the same space as the dinner.

Once she had decided how to reconfigure the space to allow for the DJ and dancing, the MOB assembled her team into groups.  One group would set up tables and chairs according to her new diagram, another group would cover the tables with table clothes and a third group would decorate the tables.  When those tasks were completed, she gathered all three groups together to clean up and move all extra items into the vehicles.

She managed her resources efficiently and effectively ensuring that everyone was working and knew what to do.  The entire process was wrapped up quickly and the most important thing was that everyone was having fun.  There was a lot of love and laughter in that room and despite the extremely cold weather, the wedding was absolutely beautiful, and disaster was averted.

The next time you are in a leadership position, remember these three points and make sure you share your purpose and vision with your team.  When everyone is clear on what they should be doing, there will be less stress and more opportunity for having fun.

Thank you MOB!  You did a great Job😊




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