Day 2 – The Magic of Making Everyone Feel Special!

When my daughter was younger, we used to go on walks and wave to all of the people in the cars, just to be nice. Alright, it was really to see their reactions and have a good laugh. We weren’t laughing at them, but it was amusing to see how they responded. Most of the drivers seemed uncomfortable with someone trying to be kind. Why is that?

Is it due to the fact that social media has taken over to an extent that one on one social interaction is no longer comfortable? Could it be that people are concerned about their personal security? I don’t really have a conclusive answer, but looking through hundreds of posts online it seems that it could simply be a lack of common courtesy that is no longer taught from one generation to another.

Making people feel special can be done in a multitude of ways, depending on what you feel comfortable with. Personally, I think the Walt Disney Company has perfected the art of making people feel special. Their customer service is out of this world and even if something is wrong, they take care of it with a great attitude!

Last week, my family and I enjoyed some time at the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and celebrated my birthday. If you have never been there, you need to know that you can get a pin to wear that can say anything from, “My First Visit”, “My Birthday” to just “Celebrating”. The cast member (that is what they call their employees) will write your name on the button and as you traverse the theme parks, other guests and cast members, will say “Happy Birthday Colleen (or YOUR name)”. This happens all day long and just this simple act really makes you feel special and puts a big smile on your face.

Another time, we were purchasing a toy for our son in the gift shop of the resort we were staying in. Unfortunately, the toy needed batteries and they didn’t have any to sell and since we were going upstairs to our room, there wouldn’t be an opportunity to get any. The cast member helping us, went into the back room and found some batteries for the toy, put them in for us and didn’t charge a thing for them. When a person or a company goes to great lengths to provide exceptional service and make me feel special, I will be a customer for life.

Between now and January 22, 2018, when I begin putting this into my self-improvement plan, I am going to think about how I can make people feel special. I encourage you to do the same and come back to share your ideas.

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