Day 6 – Don’t Get Left Out in the Cold, Communicate!

Last night my family and I watched the 1954 holiday classic, “White Christmas”.  I thought it was fitting that I should post this on Christmas Eve, since the final scene of the movie takes place on Christmas Eve.  While we were being entertained with the humor and musical numbers, it occurred to me that the love story between Bob and Betty was a perfect example of how a lack of communication can ruin a good thing.

The premise of the movie is that following World War II, Bob and his Army buddy Phil decide to take their comedy show to Vermont, so they can follow some young ladies.  When they arrive, they find out that their former commander, General Waverly is the owner of the lodge and “oh, there’s no snow!”  The lodge is not doing very well because of the lack of snow.  The General wants to go back into the Army, but his request is denied.  As an act of kindness, Bob wants to do something nice for the General, and decides to get together all the veterans from the 151st Division for a Christmas celebration.  Bob calls another Army buddy to help him and while they are making the arrangements, the housekeeper, Emma, eavesdrops in on the conversation.  Emma thinks that Bob is going to exploit the General’s situation to make money with a TV show and tells Betty what she thinks is going on.  Betty was so upset by the notion that she could fall for someone with such a character flaw, she leaves and heads for New York.  I am sure you can see where this is going…Betty sees Bob’s pitch for the event on TV where Bob says that no money is being taken for the event.  Betty gets back to Vermont in time for the Christmas Eve event, and guess what?  IT SNOWS!  YES, they have a WHITE CHRISTMAS!  The whole premise might seem a little cheesy, but it’s a fun holiday movie for the family.

This is a simple explanation of how a lack of communication can ruin a good thing.  I am sure you have examples in your own life of where things said or not said have caused issues.  If we have this problem in our personal lives, then we are probably going to have them in our professional lives.

In the beauty industry, communication is EVERYTHING!  If a customer comes in and wants their hair cut and styled in a particular way, you better understand what they are talking about.  I once went in and asked for the same color I had the previous time, which was a very pretty dark copper.  What I left with was “Bozo the Clown” red.  Not a good look on me!  After going back to the salon the next day and spending another 4 hours trying to fix it, I was still left with a less than desirable color.

Here are a few things that you can work on to start improving this soft skill.

  1. Put away the phone when someone is talking to you.
  2. Focus on listening so that you really understand what is being said.
  3. Ask questions about what was just said and then repeat it just to verify you heard it correctly.
  4. Watch for body language, such as a customer pointing out how much hair they want trimmed.

Keep these communication tips in mind as you get together with your family and friends over the next few days, they might come in handy!

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and may all your wishes come true!

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