Day 7 – “Beer Truck” Leadership!

You don’t need to be in a managerial position to be a leader.  A true leader will adopt the “Beer Truck” mentality.  This philosophy is about making sure there is someone that can take your place in the organization, should you go out and get hit by a big old beer truck!

This is a practice that I learned in the military and I continue to use at Excerebus CPA Firm, however, in the military we call this an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure).  In each position that I have been in, I have prepared a complete book on how to proceed with my tasks, should something happen to me.  Once this book was completed, and updated periodically, I use it to cross train co-workers and subordinates.  Some people would think that I am trying to work myself out of a job, and that is EXACTLY what I am doing!  Not that I ever wanted to make myself obsolete, but I wanted to make myself indispensable!  You can’t move up unless you take some people with you and if you want that next promotion, someone needs to take your place!

Everyone has a different style of leadership and if you want to take a quick test to find out what yours is, you can visit  I took this and found that I have a democratic style of leadership, with a more authoritarian style over the final decision.  What this means, is that I like to involve the entire group at Excerebus and take into consideration many ideas of how things should be accomplished, but in the end, I take responsibility for the final decision.

Regardless of your particular leadership style or what level you are at in your place of work, there are three things that you must do for your co-workers or employees.

  1. Provide them with a purpose and explain the big picture so they understand the overarching goal.
  2. Give them the task that needs to be accomplished.
  3. Provide the resources to complete the task, which could be as simple as giving feedback or answering questions. Ensure they have the proper equipment, latitude and support to realize the task in the most effective and efficient manner.

While using my “Beer Truck” method, I was able to provide those around me with a clear description of why their understanding of my position was important.  My book gave them step by step instructions on how to carry out each item as well as some tips on things that might go wrong and how to fix them.  The book itself was a resource that I was providing, but it also gave instructions on where to find other files that might be needed.  It will also give your clients a sense of security, knowing that should something happen to you, they can still receive the service you would have provided.  I want every person in the Excerebus family to have a level of comfort that they will always be taken care of.

I challenge you to start your own SOP or “Beer Truck” book and see how it impacts your place of employment.  Share your ideas and the outcome, we would love to hear your story.

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