Day 8 – Is Adversity the Enemy or the Ally?

As Americans we love a good underdog story.  Many of our cinematic experiences are tailored to this exact desire for the triumph over adversity.  Bethany Hamilton is the inspiration behind the movie “Soul Surfer”, in which she loses her arm in a shark attack and eventually gets back into the water to surf again.  “The Blind Side” follows a homeless teen through his struggles and how he finds purpose in playing football.  His ability to overcome his circumstances lands him in college and eventually the NFL.  One of my personal favorites is “The Pursuit of Happyness”.  The main character, Chris Gardner, is a homeless man sleeping in a public bathroom with his son.  Through sheer determination he elevates his financial status into success and now tours the world inspiring others to do the same.  I had the honor of hearing him speak in Dallas, TX several years ago and the one thing I took away from that experience, is this man lets you know EXACTLY what he wants, and he is not going to settle for anything less!

I would also like to share with you a much lesser known film called “Innocent Voices”, which can be found on YouTube.  This movie is about the civil war that took place in El Salvador in the 1980’s.  The reason that I want to share this is because I have a friend that lived through this volatile situation.  She shared with me how accurate the movie was and that this was her everyday life as a child, living with her grandmother and brother.  Just prior to her brother being taken away and made to be a child soldier, they were smuggled out of El Salvador and brought to the United States.  You would think that this is the end of her battles, but arriving in a new land brought additional adversity in learning a new language, a new culture and a new set of rules for survival.  My friend didn’t use these challenges as an excuse to give up!  She used them as opportunities to forge ahead and create a wonderful life.  I am so honored to call her my friend and proud of her many accomplishments.  She has supported her husband throughout his military career, is the recipient of many volunteer awards, raised two awesome sons, is an advocate for autistic children and has completed her degree.  She is a true hero in that she works for Child Protective Services and every day she gives her heart and soul to children that need to be cared for.

As you go out into the world and start your business, you are going to have small issues that need to be dealt with and huge obstacles that need to be overcome.  Whatever it is that you are facing, you need to remember that no one, in any of these situations, did it alone.  At Excerebus CPA Firm, we understand that running your business, paying taxes, keeping up with the mountains of paperwork or a call from the IRS might be that overwhelming piece of your business that you need help with.  We are here to lend a hand and provide support.

Former IBM Executive, angel investor and author, Martin Zwilling, writes in the article “The Entrepreneur’s Guide for Dealing with Adversity”, 8 tips that will help you get through those tough times:

  1. Take control of the situation, rather than play victim. 
  2. Suppress you own emotions and feelings. 
  3. Stay positive and believe in yourself. 
  4. Step back and broaden your perspective. 
  5. Draw on your experience and input from others. 
  6. Find a way to laugh in the face of misfortune. 
  7. Remember the end goal, but be adaptable on how to get there. 
  8. Don’t be afraid or too egotistical to seek help.

You can find the entire article at

In every one of these narratives, adversity didn’t shatter dreams, it was the catalyst to create something better and much more inspiring.  Your story can be just as impactive, you must realize that adversity is not the enemy, it’s your ally and Excerebus is here to help.

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