Day 9 – Are Your Failures Trying to Guide You Toward Success?

Jen Sincero is one of my favorite writers when it comes to motivational books on personal and professional success, with her sassy attitude and no nonsense ‘get it done’ perspective.  She is a success coach and #1 New York Times bestselling author with “You are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life” and “You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth”.

She wasn’t always a success and in her books, she tells you how much of a “loser”, (her words, not mine) she was until her mid-40s.   She regularly cleaned out the bread basket at restaurants along with her glass of water, because she “wasn’t very hungry”.  She spent so much time trying to scrape by, that she lost focus on trying to succeed.  Then, one day, she just got tired of it all and decided to change.  She reflected on her past and the presumed “failures” and found important lessons to be learned from each of these experiences.  These lessons are written in the above-mentioned books and those “failures” have now made her a millionaire!

I know of a young man in the Army that was hoping to be on the promotion list for Sergeant First Class.  He was discouraged when his name wasn’t on this list.  He had an impeccable record of service and guys that he knew, with less than stellar records, had been promoted ahead of him.  This was a massive disappointment and he felt like a huge failure.  Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for himself, he put together a packet for Officer Candidate School and 6 months later was accepted!  Had it not been for this “failure”, he would not be the success he is today or have had the opportunity to not only finish his Bachelor’s Degree, but to go on and receive an Executive Master’s of Business Administration degree from one of the top business schools in the nation!

As you begin your business, whether its renting a booth in a salon or you are the owner of the salon/spa, missteps are going to be made.  It’s how you handle these situations and what you learn from them that is going to be the deciding factor of your success.  Several years ago, I went to get my hair done at a local salon that had just opened.  The owner was a cosmetology student that hadn’t even finished cosmetology school and she was jumping in to this new endeavor with incredible enthusiasm.  She confided in me that she was terrified, she knew she was going to make mistakes, but she felt confident that she could bring together the right people to help make her dreams come true.  Recently, I was in the area and stopped by to see how things were going.  Her salon was in full swing with an air of cheerfulness and success.

Don’t forget to include a CPA on your team, one that want’s your success as much as you do!  At Excerebus, we care about YOU.

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