Day 12 – Why is it Good to be Generous?

I want to share the story about Keanu Reeves and the remarkable generosity he shows to everyone.  Several times, in the casting of movies, he has offered to take a pay cut so that other big-name actors could be involved in the productions.  As generous as that is, some people would say that he is just helping his friends.  To that I would say, what about the millions of dollars that he has donated to cancer research, the food he shared with a homeless man, or the $75 million that was given to the special effects and costume crews of the “Matrix” movie?  Yes, that’s right!  Keanu Reeves negotiated his payment for the “Matrix” movies to be partially paid to the crew!

I often wonder if Keanu Reeves is using “The Law of Attraction” to manifest such blessings in his life.  This idea of energy responding to vibrations is better explained by another favorite author of mine, Rhonda Bryne.  She is the Australian writer and producer of “The Secret”, “The Power”, and “Magic”. Her best-selling book, “The Secret”, has sold over 20 million copies and you can find the movie on Netflix.

Her message is about “The Law of Attraction” and how you can use it to manifest the things in life that you want.  In her book, “The Power”, she goes into detail discussing how LOVE is really the power behind it all.  One of the stories she tells, is about how she took money out of her account and walked down the sidewalk putting bills in strangers’ hands and how good it made her feel.  Now, you may want to discount this and assume that she had a lot of money, so giving some away didn’t hurt her.  Quite the opposite, the money she gave away was the last of the money she had, but she realized that if she didn’t feel good about money, she was never going to have any more in her life.  She didn’t expect anything in return, just to feel good!  Several days later, she received a call about some stocks she had invested in earlier in her life.  The stocks were for a start up company that she thought had failed and the money had been lost.  The organization was doing rather well, and they offered her $25,000 to buy back the stock!  Yes, the universe does work this way!  When you feel good about the things you have and the choices you make, good things happen to you.

The reason I wanted to share the philosophy of “The Secret” and these subsequent books, was because the idea of showing love and compassion was at the heart of an experience I had several years ago.

It was Christmas time and as I made my millionth trip to the store, shopping for friends and family, I kept passing a “Belle” doll from “Beauty and the Beast”.  Oh, how I wanted to buy that doll for some little girl, but I didn’t know any at the time that might want it.  I told my husband about the doll and asked him if he knew anyone I could buy it for; he didn’t.

Then, a few days later, he called me from work and told me that one of his co-workers was going through a rough time, financially.  He had a little girl and was open to the idea of receiving this gift.  I was elated!!!  As soon as I hung up the phone, I was out the door and on my way to the store.  Purchasing that doll was the highlight of my Christmas season.  I picked out the perfect paper and bows and wrapped it up with all my love.  My husband took it to work and my heart was filled with such joy that some little girl was going to get to play with this beautiful doll.

You would think that this is the end of the story, but its not!  After Christmas, my husband came home and told me that his co-worker’s home had been broken into and all the Christmas gifts had been stolen.  However, the gift of the doll, had been in his truck.  This doll ended up being the only gift this little girl received on Christmas morning.

I am not sure if the universe rewarded me for this one act, but I can tell you that I am very blessed, and it made me feel so good to know that I helped someone.  Sometimes you give because it feels good for you, but you never know how important your generosity becomes to others.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve.  Take some time in 2018 to show some love and generosity to your fellow man.

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