Happy New Year to All!

The blog from December 18, 2017 was about the “12 Traits of Successful People” that I was going to incorporate into my New Year’s Resolutions for 2018. I’ll add in one new trait every three weeks.  Let’s get started on this journey, it’s going to be INCREDIBLE!!!

The first of the traits is to be grateful.  In my post on December 19, 2017 I spoke about a young woman I knew that had cancer, this is my niece, and I am so incredibly proud of her and how she continues to live her life.  I now look to her optimism and ability to be grateful through life’s most difficult moments, because my new daughter-in-law has also been diagnosed with cancer.  Yesterday, she texted me and was very skeptical about her chances of survival.  Initially, I was devastated, but then a very wise friend reminded me of how powerful the human spirit can be.  I called my daughter-in-law and we spent the next 90 minutes laughing and talking about the power of the mind, and that if we focus on the positive and give thanks for the healthy body she is going to have, she will have a great shot at a full recovery.  Amid all she is going through, she still found the strength to post on Facebook how grateful she is to have a family that loves her.  Being grateful for what you have is the key.

Celebrities use this technique too.  In August 2017, Julie Jordan, from “People Style” magazine wrote an article called “Why Jennifer Anniston Writes Down a ‘Gratitude List’ Every Morning”.  Jennifer Aniston uses this method of being grateful as a way of taking care of herself and was quoted as saying,

                I’ve made myself good at it, you have to really make yourself do it,”                                            the World’s Most Beautiful Woman of 2016 tells PEOPLE. “That’s the last thing                        that people do is take care of themselves. It sort of sets the tone for your inner                        well- being and how you’re going to be able to take on the day. It’s important to                     get it in.”

 For this gratitude journey, there are several techniques that you can employ.  The journal, where you make a list everyday of the things that you are grateful for. Send “Thank You” notes to your clients to let them know how much you appreciate their business.  Create a vision board to surround yourself with pictures of things you currently have, and things that you are grateful for because they are coming your way.  Take a moment at the end of every day to think about the good things that happened.

As a cosmetologist, barber or massage therapist, you encounter people all day long.  Use this opportunity to talk about the things that you are grateful for, ask your clients about what exciting things are happening with them, and see what happens in your business.  I bet your clientele grow, because everyone wants to feel happy and inspired. If you can provide that emotion for your customers, they will come back repeatedly.

As a part of this journey and somewhat of an experiment, I would encourage all of you to post on the Excerebus Facebook page at least once a week, something that you are grateful for.  I am going to try and post every day.  I really want to give this process my best, and at the end of 3 weeks evaluate the results.

We, at Excerebus CPA Firm, want to help you with your business.  To us, that doesn’t just mean we want to be your bean counters.  We want to be your family and watch you succeed in all areas of your life.  Call us today at 407-988-5647 to join our family.

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